Thursday, April 12, 2007

learning at a young age

There are many different reasons why students need to learn at a young age how to use computers. Now-a-days many people are communicating online. People send each other e-mails to keep in touch or just to say hi. Computers are also used for educational purposes. At the younger grade levels students use the computer to play different games. As students get older they may use the computer to work on research papers or to just to search something up. If students are not taught how to use the computer, how would they know where to research different things at?? Computers are used for many reasons and students need to learn how to use a computer. Learning about computers also give students a chance to know where to go and where not to clicking on pop-ups and stuff like that.


Josephine said...

I completely agree. It can be very beneficial for younger students to learn computer skills at a younger age. I know i wish my elementary school taught more than just games and typing skills, so that i could have more vast knowledge today, and an easier time learning technology.

Katie said...

I agree that children need to learn how to use computers and technology at a young age. It will help them throughout their lives. It will also be easier to transition to different grade levels when they know the basics of technology.